Property Management Solutions in Ashe County, North Carolina

  • Comprehensive management services
  • POA management
  • Housekeeping and commercial janitorial services
  • Thorough tenant screening, including credit, criminal and background checks.
  • Facilitate the eviction process if necessary including arranging for movers and storage facilities if required by local law.
  • Market, list and advertise the property’s availability through usual means including but not limited to for rent signs, local advertisements, publications, open houses, web-based advertising and company associated websites.
  • Maintain monthly billings of accounts receivable and accounts payable Provide Owner with monthly account statements.
  • Secure and provide general maintenance service for vacant properties, and respond promptly to emergency issues in conjunction with local police, Sheriff or other emergency services.
  • Close communication and relationships with the local sheriff’s office.
  • Provide property management services for tenant-occupied properties.
  • Have the capability to electronically submit required forms, periodic reports, etc.
  • Obtain bids and coordinate work with licensed, bonded, service personnel such as contractors, electricians, locksmiths, roofers, plumbers, haulers, clean-up contractors, landscapers, and pool service personnel.
  • Attend court proceedings when necessary.

All tenants are treated with the utmost respect. We utilize a fair and friendly staff, with clean environments. Our ultimate goal is to not only provide the tenants you desire, but keep them happy to continue leasing beyond the first year. Give us a call today to see how we can assist!

If you would like more information on our Property Services, please view our website at for more information.