Requirements for Renting a Property from Ashe Rental Agency

  1. After viewing a property in person, rental applications are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Ashe Rental Agency offers online applications! You can apply online from home or also stop by our office and use one of our tablets to apply for a property.
  2. A rental application is required for each person over the age of 18 living at one of our properties. A non-refundable fee of $40.00 per person is due when filling out an application. Filling out a rental application does not guarantee approval for a property until the background and credit check has been passed.
  3. Criminal history, credit score, credit history, rental history, and eviction history is processed on each applicant. Employment verification will be required. Landlord references may also be required.
  4. An applicant must provide previous address and/or rental history.
  5. An applicant may be required to have a Guarantor and the applicable paperwork will have to be filled out in its’ entirety and notarized.
  6. Upon application approval, if required, a Guarantor form will be sent. The Guarantor form is required to be completed and notarized before your scheduled lease signing.
  7. We offer online lease signings for your convenience.
  8. Once a lease signing is scheduled, all approved applicants are required to have the following to sign the lease: full security deposit, any non-refundable pet or cleaning fees, all lease Guarantor forms completed and on file, and a valid driver’s license.
  9. Lease signing will not take place if any or all of these items are not present
    • Lease signing will not take place with a partial security deposit
    • If signing the lease in person at our office, all applicants must be present for the lease signing at the same time
  10. Keys to a property will be turned over once rent payment is made. No other accommodations will be made.
  11. Tenants must provide proof that utilities have been put in their name if applicable. Keys to a property will not be turned over without proof utilities have been put in the tenant’s name. No other accommodations will be made.
  12. A Move-In Inspection Form will be provided by Ashe Rental Agency on move-in day. The Move-In Inspection form must be turned back in to our office within 5 business days or we will otherwise assume that the property is in satisfactory condition.

keys on wood table